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Baroli 2010

gen 15, 2014
The 2010 harvesting has been characterized by a cold and particularly long winter, which lasted up to the beginning of march. Fairly unusual when compared with recent years, but within the average going back over a longer period of time. Heavy snowfalls ensured considerable water reserves in the soil, and together with the temperatures recorded in April and May these were conducive to excellent bud break and vigour. The beginning of the summer was distinguished by plenty of rainfall and the beginning of August was characterized by temperatures lower than in the years that had gone before. Later the temperatures increased in the end of August and first part of September. In this period the excellent variations between daytime and night temperatures making a fundamental contribution to the properties of the grapes, especially in terms of polyphenols.
So, Nebbiolo was able to enjoy fine weather throughout the month of September, offsetting the slight delay in the ripening of the grapes due to the wet weather between July and August. Ripening checks showed that the sugars continued to accumulate during the second half of the month, while the acid profile gradually dropped to very acceptable levels. Ripening of the phenolic components which are essential for ensuring body and ageing capacity has been excellent.
Considering the weather the 2010 has been an unusual vintage who exalted again the great vineyards! Without question, Nebbiolo has responded sublimely this year, demonstrating once again that our area is this variety’s natural habitat, and justifying expectations that this will prove to be an excellent vintage for the Nebbiolo.