Irresistible Italy: Parusso Vini

Another bottle that caught our senses at the private tasting at Mole Antoniella was Parusso Barolo Bussia Riserva DOCG 2000. Private tastings organized before the actual large-scale event exhibition are very helpful in creating and trimming down your list and it also simplifies navigating through a big space, especially a room full of superstar wineries.

At the Grandi Langhe 2023 event space, we tasted their Barolo Perarmando DOCG 2019 which yielded 19,000 bottles this year. This wine stayed in Barrique french oaks for 2 years and another 2 years in the bottle. They also use a mix of old and new technologies in their winemaking.

After its harvest, the grapes are set to stay in a room for few days before maceration for 2 months in low temperatures using everything—its skins, seeds, and stems. It’s more drinkable with a rich nose, fresh and subtle spices on the tongue, and with full-bodied structure.

Food pairing recommendations: Brasato beef or Tajarin, a traditional pasta from Piedmont, with Ragu di Cinghiale.

Rich History, Robust Philosophy

This family-run winery was founded in 1901 by Gaspare Parruso who is a native of Monforte D’Alba. In 1971 Armando Parusso bottled and introduced the winery’s first Barolo. Presently, the family owns and takes care of 28 hectares of vineyards in Monforte d’Alba and Castiglione Falletto.

Parusso’s philosophy throughout the years is to let nature do its extraordinary magic in keeping the vines and soil in good shape. As a family of multi-generation farmers, they believe in traditional methods as well as innovative ways of winemaking.

Being one with nature is a vital part of their philosophy. That’s why they harvest their grapes by hand. For them, trusting and respecting nature is important when you want to receive nature’s marvelous gifts in return. That’s what we all get from every sip, from every drop of a Parruso product.


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